Speech therapy

This department offers treatment of children who suffer from language delay or speech difficulties due to hearing problems or other Symdroms. This is to improve their speaking and communication abilities. It also helps children with cochlear implant to get language sooner.

Behavioral pattern therapy

This department offers treatment and rehabilitation for cases like autism, mental retardation and others to improve their psychological, intellectual, behavio-ral, social and communicational skills and bringing them close to a normal and healthy child.


This department offers treatment and rehabilitation for children who suffer from body motor dysfunction as in cases of cerebral pulsy or those who lost part of their body movement due to injury or accidents. This will improve the quality of the children's life and help them to perform their normal daily activities.

Our Other Services at Bahoz Center

1- Education program developed for students, given by the institute to the family, by repeating the Course which is given by the teachers at home to ensure monitoring of education.
2- In teacher training days, in order to the family to be together with their child in institution and implementation of the educational system with a camera in all educational fields wants to follow. This gives an idea to the family about how to train their children at home.
3- Regarding the process of child, a weekly and monthly briefings and reports will be provided to parents.
4- Family Education Meeting are organized by Bahoz Center in order to discuss the issues of the family.
5- Student news of their homes by making unannounced visits, monitoring the individual's natural environment, finding ways around the home exhibited behaviour problems, family activities you can do at home are intended to provide recommendations.
6- A different educational institutions which students attend by visiting If there is studying on a common program aims to improve education in coordination.
7- Transportation Facilities is available to pick up and drop off students.